Disposable GE® Marquette® Multi-Link® ECG Lead Set 2052133-007 (CareFusion Clip 29Compatible, disposable GE® Marquette® for use with Multi-Link® patient cables. These single-patient-use leads improve the patient flow between departments, require no disinfection, improve quality assurance and reduce the risk of HAI including MRSA. Your existing trunk cable can be used, there is no need for additional hardware. Ask about our complete list of ECG adapters to adapt these compatible GE leadwires to your existing ECG cable. Our flat, shielded, ribbon-style leadwire cable allows you to customize the length of each lead in order to fit each individual patient while reducing tangling and patient discomfort.

OEM 2052133-007 (CareFusion Clip 29"), Part Number LV5-90DP0