GE® CAM 420101-001 Compatible Patient Leadwires (Set of 14 without banana adapters)Compatible leadwires for GE® CAM 14 Acquisition Module or with a cable that requires CAM 14 Leadwires such as GE® MAC 1100, 1200, 1200ST, MAC 1600, MAC 3500, MAC 5000, MAC 5000ST, MAC 5500, CASE Series, CASE 8000, CardioSoft, CardioSmart, CardioSys. Please note that these leadwires come with the option of no banana connectors (for use with the GE® CAM 14 Electrode Connector Set 900178-001) or molded-in banana, snap, clip or needle connectors.

OEM 420101-001 (Set of 14 without banana adapters), Part Number LQB14-AD0