Criticare® 975PD-10L Pediatric Soft SpO2 Sensor

The pediatric reusable soft sensor is form-fitted to provide a comfortable fit, decreased ambient light interference, reduced motion artifact and is easy to clean. It is available for pediatric patients of all sizes and for use in many clinical applications from long-term monitoring to spot-checks. 

This LEMO sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable. Utilizing a 9-foot cable, it works with the following patient monitors: CSI (Criticare Systems International) Scholar, Poet (602-3A), 1100, 2200, 500, 500A 501, 502 series, 503, 504, 504/P, 504O/P, 504US/P, 507, 507E/P/R, 507/S, 507SD, 5070/P, 508, 509, 581. 

OEM 975PD-10L (Pediatric Soft), Part Number S110S-050