Datex-Ohmeda®Datex-Ohmeda®  is known as one of the premier medical equipment companies worldwide, helping ensure reliable parameter readings, the cornerstone for quality patient care.

This OxyTip® adult ear clip connects directly to the bedside monitor without an extension cable. For patient monitors: Datex-Ohmeda®: 3700, 3710, 3740, 3770, 3775, 3800, 4700, 5250 RGM, OxiCap, Biox 3740, Biox 3760, Rascal II, Datex-Ohmeda® TuffSat® 3775, 37xx Series, 3800, 3900, 3900P, 4700 and 5250 respiratory gas monitors Cardiocap/5 with N-XOSAT option, S/5, AS/3, CS/3 Modular Monitors with M-OSAT module, Modulus CD; GE® 7000 Series, Corometrics 511, TRAM A.R., OXY-W4-H, TRAM Modular x00SL Series, 200SL, 400SL, 600SL, 800A, 800SL; Mennen: Horizon XL800 (Ohmeda SpO2). Comes equipped with a 9-foot cable.  

OEM 6051-0000-188 (Adult Ear Clip), Part Number S910-020