Novametrix® DIX 8791-00 (Multi-Site) SpO2 Sensor

This compatible sensor connects directly to the bedside monitor. It works with the following patient monitors: Novametrix: 505, 510, 511, 515, 515B, 515C, 520, 520A, 7000, 7100, Oxypleth; Spacelabs: 90351-D/G, 90369, 9046, 90466, 90467, 90489, 90651-07/08, 90419-01, 90651A-07. 9-foot cable.

Novametrix from its early days as a small
medical device startup to a division of a large
multi-national corporation has remained patient
focused and interested in making a difference in
patient outcome through monitors, oximeters, and sensors.

OEM DIX 8791-00 (Multi-Site), Part Number S810-030