Sensidyne Oxygen Sensors | Cables & Sensors

Sensidyne medical oxygen sensors (O2 cells) need to be replaced from time to time, as they have a finite lifespan dependent on use. We offer a broad assortment of reliable, electrochemical galvanic Sensidyne O2 cells - ready for quick delivery and competitively priced for high-volume purchasing. Nothing beats our Sensidyne sensors when it comes to gas detection solutions.. Because we understand the importance of fast and accurate gas detection in your facility.

Our Sensidyne O2 cells are made to the highest standards and quality to ensure your safety and productivity. They are 100% compatible alternatives to Maxtec, Analytical Industries, Ceramatec, Datex Ohmeda, Draeger, Envitec, Nouva, Sensidyne, Sensoronics, GE Healthcare, Pacifitech, Viamed, VTI, Ventrex, Mercury Medical, and Teledyne.

Why Sensidyne Oxygen Sensor

Sensidyne has been committed to manufacturing dependable oxygen sensor devices that offer the ultimate performance for many years. Our choices of Sensidyne alternatives are easy to install, cost-effective to own, and most importantly, easy to maintain. We carry Sensidyne O2 sensors for any anesthesia machines, and ventilators, including any legacy patient monitoring equipment. 

Intuitive Solution for Complex Applications

Sensidyne O2 cells help you accurately monitor patients, solving common challenges in most oxygen detector applications, such as communication and connectivity issues. Our  oxygen cells perform flawlessly by tying in oxygen measurements, faults, and alarm conditions without traditional hard wiring. That means you get to enjoy an efficient sensor while saving money. Our devices provide an accurate answer for quick measurement when the oxygen measurement is unknown. Be sure to count on your equipment!