CB-721002R/1 Curbell Compatible Direct-Connect EKG Cable

Part Number K10-NK2-B0

Primary OEM BA-902D

This direct-connect EKG cable is available for use with Advanced Instrumentations: ECG-12C, ECG-3 Plus; Biocare: 101B, 101G, 1200, 300, 300G, 9803, ECG-101; Cardioline: AR1200 viewBT, AR1200adv, AR2100 viewBT, AR2100adv, AR600adv; Carewell: 1101, 1103, 1103B, AR 1200ADV, ECG-1103LW; Del Mar: Voyager 12; Dr. ECG: RT100 Plus; Hillmed: Bluetooth ECG Transmitter; Newtech: 1206; Nihon Kohden: Cardiofax C, Cardiofax M, Cardiofax Q, Cardiofax S, ECG-1150, ECG-1250, ECG-1250A, ECG-1250K, ECG-1350, ECG-1350A, ECG-1350k, ECG-2150, ECG-2250, ECG-2350, ECG-9010, ECG-9020, ECG-9022, ECG-9110, ECG-9110K, ECG-9130, ECG-9130K, ECG-9132, ECG-9620, ECG-9620L.



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