At Cables and Sensors - you'll find a vast assortment of fetal monitoring equipment at ultra-competitive prices. If your hospital, medical clinic, or emergency response group needs to replace existing worn-out transducers we’ve got your covered. If you're looking to outfit your medical group with new equipment to ensure the ultimate in patient care, consider our Cables and Sensors parts. We carry a comprehensive catalog of fully assembled ultrasound and toco transducers, as well as repair cable options. Whether you utilize Analogic, Corometric, Phillips, Oxford Huntleigh, or Spacelabs equipment we have a cost-effective medical device available for re-order. 

Product Description

Fetal monitors impact the lives of millions of pregnant women and fetuses every year. They're critical devices used in almost every medical procedure—Using a fetal monitor is the primary way to assess the oxygenation of a fetus in the antepartum and intrapartum setting. Electronic fetal monitoring is critical for any medical facility particularly those with an OBGYN focus. Our fetal accessories are designed to measure, record, and display uterine contractions, maternal blood pressure, and fetal heart rate monitoring before and during childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth don't have to be risky endeavors. During labor and delivery a fetal monitoring system is critical to provide high-standard surveillance capabilities. That's why, at Cables and Sensors, we provide you with the fetal monitoring technology that is best for your patient's maternal health. These advanced medical devices can easily sense uterine contractions and FHR. Others have additional features, including fetal and maternal ECG recording.