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Choosing an Ultrasonic Transducer

An Ultrasonic Transducer produces sound waves that bounce off body tissues and make echoes. The transducer also receives the echoes and sends them to a computer that uses them to create a picture called a sonogram. Transducers (probes) come in different shapes and sizes for use in making pictures of different parts of the body. The transducer may be passed over the surface of the body or inserted into an opening such as the rectum or vagina.

Piezo ultrasonic transducers convert electrical energy into mechanical (sound) energy and back again. It is the hand-held part of the ultrasound machine that is responsible for the production and detection of ultrasound waves. A capacitive ultrasonic transducer will have a large capacity and high sensitivity. Unlike piezoelectric ultrasound transducers, a DC charge on the capacitor plates is required to operate the transducer efficiently as a receiver.

Product Features

Ultrasound transducers have various essential specifications, including transmitting frequency, bandwidth, transmit sensitivity, etc. Our transducers are compatible with most medical equipment brands, including Philips, GE Healthcare, Analogic, Space Labs, Oxford Hunt Leigh, and many others.