Medical oxygen sensors (O2 cells) need to be replaced from time to time, as they have a finite lifespan dependent on use. We offer a broad assortment of reliable, electrochemical galvanic O2 cells - ready for quick delivery and competitively priced for high-volume purchasing. 

O2 cells are used in life-supporting oxygen sensor monitors such as anesthesia machines, ventilators, and other patient monitoring devices. We also carry accessories that report the amount of oxygen exhaled, also known as end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring (EtCO2).  

Type of Sensors We Have

We stock a wide range of these essential devices from different manufacturers, including Maxtec, Envitec, Draeger, Datex Ohmeda and more. These high quality parts are designed to meet a wide range of needs in the health industry. Whether you are replacing the O2 cell for your clinic ventilators, or re-ordering parts for all your anesthesia devices, trust us to have you covered. 

Each O2 sensor is manufactured with the highest of standards and at a fair price so you don’t break your budget. 

Search by the manufacturer part number to find the medical oxygen sensor compatible with your device, or drill down on the manufacturer and model of your monitor to see our range of compatible offerings.

What sets us aside from others is quality. During ventilation, oxygen content needs to be measured precisely. With superior output signals from new oxygen sensor parts, guaranteed compatibility, and a warranty that meets or exceeds the OEM you can rely on Cables and Sensors for all your O2 sensor needs.