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In addition to blood pressure cuffs, we carry durable and easy-to-manage hoses, tubing, and connector replacement parts for your existing devices. 

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Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring

The non-invasive technique can be realized several ways. It usually involves the use of an inflatable cuff wrapped around the limb of a test subject. The cuff is inflated and deflated at a controlled rate and physical parameters are observed. The auscultatory and oscillometric techniques are well known non-invasive methods. These methods are indirect because they do not couple directly to the artery

Why Cables and Sensors NIBP Cuff & Hose Connectors

We have the best pocket friendly parts for fast, reliable measurements and compatibility with most patient monitors. Our assortment includes metal or plastic connectors 

NIBP Cuff Adapters 

  • Compatible with most major blood pressure monitor brands

  • Easy use
  • Different sizes for different sized patients

NIBP Hose Connectors Features

These NIBP hose connectors are compatible with most standardized medical devices. We offer all sizes including neonatal and adult in single or double hose variations. All of our hoses are quick and easy to connect.