Discover a wide assortment of temp probe, adaptor, and sensor options on our website- all ready for quick delivery and priced to support high-volume purchasing opportunities. If your clinic, hospital, or emergency response team needs to replace any existing temp probes consider outfitting your group with our top-quality, competitively priced units that are guaranteed compatible with your patient monitoring equipment. 

Browsing Sensors

Search by the manufacturer to quickly find the suitable temp probe for your specific application, or browse our vast selection until you find the ideal unit. You'll also have access to a range of patient cables and sensors to completely rehab your existing equipment.

Medical Temp Sensors

Temperature monitoring is a crucial aspect of patient care, especially during general anesthesia and in the operating room. These tools are superior in their design and manufacturing, providing durability, readability, and reliable readings. 

We offer options for all applications including skin, esophageal, catheter, general-purpose, or thermistor probes.

Product Features

With a comprehensive assortment, we carry probes compatible with all  major patient monitoring brands, including GE, Masimo, Nellcor, Kohden, Philips, etc.

Other Probe features include:

  • Disposable and reusable patient use
  • High-quality sensor for reliable measurements
  • User-friendly

Temperature Adapter Options

A temperature sensor adapter is placed in or on patients to measure a patient's body temperature continuously. Accurate measurements are vital information to healthcare providers. We provide quality monitoring equipment, including temperature patient cables for major brands and manufacturers.

If you’re looking for top-quality products, you are in the right place because we're the industry leader in medical quality accessories that come with warranties. 

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