SV-25A Sensidyne Compatible O2 Cell for Maxtec

Part Number G0-250

Primary OEM MAX-250ESF

The SV-25A oxygen sensor needs to be replaced from time to time, as it has a finite lifespan dependent on use. Our compatible option, G0-250 is available for re-order and is made to last for a long time. With a warranty that meets or exceeds the OEM, these sensors show high signal stability, low cross-interference, and high linearity over the measurement range. This oxygen sensor can be used with anesthesia equipment, oxygen analyzers, oxygen monitors, incubators, and ventilators. Our SV-25A option is available for use with various manufacturers and is compatible with your Sensidyne model.

Why the SV-25A?

All of our oxygen sensors are high quality, efficient, and will help you save money. This O2 cell is an 100% compatible alternative to Maxtec, Analytical Industries, Nouva, Sensidyne, Sensoronics, Pacifitech, and Mercury Medical.

You deserve nothing but the best for your medical facility when it comes to oxygen sensors. The SV-25A is where quality meets durability. These sensors are manufactured with the highest standards for straightforward use and patient comfort.

Product Specification


  • Measurement range: 0–100 %
  • Electrical connector: straight miniature power jack
  • Expected life span during operation: 6 years
  • Nominal sensor life: 750,000 vol. % h
  • Linearity error: less or equal to 2% at 100% O2 applied for five minutes
  • Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Response time: less than 12s
  • Pressure range: 750-1250 hPa
  • Output signal: 9-14.5 mV
  • Temperature compensation: NTC

Storage Conditions

  • Maximum temperature range: -20–50 degrees Celsius
  • Recommended temperature range: 5–30 degrees Celsius
  • Material in contact: PA, PTFE, PPS, stainless steel
  • Humidity: a maximum of 100% RH
  • Weight: 26g 



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