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If your unit uses Masimo original technology, having a suitable pulse oximetry sensor for your model is critical to ensure reliable readings. Here at Cables and Sensors, you’ll find many disposable adhesive SpO2 probes, including the LNCS Neo probe from Masimo. We offer high-quality medical products at affordable prices, so you achieve significant cost savings while ensuring excellent patient care. Why Disposable Masimo SpO2 Sensor? Masimo SET technology is used in all Masimo styles including LNOP, LNCS, M-LNCS, and RD-SET. Unlike conventional pulse oximetry, Masimo SET technology has been proven to provide fewer false alarms, and performs well under conditions of motion and low perfusion. Masimo Brand is one of the more expensive options on the market but our SpO2 Sensor 2329 is competitively priced and in stock. Product Features Our Masimo sensors are a single use option designed to mitigate contamination. The adhesive tape material is highly durable, proven to provide fewer false alarms, and performs well under conditions of motion and low perfusion. The tape sensor is 18 inches long, the cable itself is 1.5 ft and it comes in a box of 20 eaches. Make sure to order the right amount for your inventory usage. Our Masimo LNCS Neo brand SpO2 adhesive sensor has increased sensor longevity. Recent studies show an increase in durability with Masimo disposable SpO2 sensors than competitive disposable products. This Neonate option, part 2329 is designed to be used on patients <3Kg. Our disposable SpO2 probes will pair seamlessly into a patient or adapter cable. The distal connector for this probe is a male, 9-Pin D-Sub that is Triple Keyed.

OEM Part Number Cross References:

Manufacturer OEM Part #
Masimo 2329 (LNCS Neo)


Manufacturer Model
sat 800, sat 801, sat 805, sat 816, satPuls 
Datex Ohmeda
Giraffe Infant Warmer, S/5 
Infinity Delta, Infinity Delta XL, Infinity Kappa, Infinity M540, Narkomed 6400 
GE Healthcare > Corometrics
128, 250, 250cx, TRAM 450SL 
GE Healthcare > Critikon > Dinamap
Carescape B650, Carescape B850, Carescape V100, Carescape V100 with Masimo technology, Dinamap ProCare with Masimo Pro 1000, Pro 300V2, ProCare 300, ProCare Ausculatory 400, ProSeries V2, V300 
GE Healthcare > Marquette
8000 e Eagle 1000, Dash 2000, Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Dash Series, Eagle, PDM Module, Procare B40, SOLAR, Smk SMV, Solar 7000, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, Solar Series, TRAM Modular, Tram 451, i/9500, i/9500 (Tram 451N5/851N5), x50SL Series 
Escort II OPT30 Prism, T8 
All, Pronto-7, Rad-5, Rad-57, Rad-8, Rad-87, Radical-7 
Horizon XVu 
Mindray > Datascope
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Alice 5 
Stryker > Medtronic > Physio Control
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Welch Allyn
1500, 45NE0-E1 LX, 53S00, 53S0P, 53ST0, 53STP, Propaq CS, Propaq LT, Spot Vital Signs 42MOB, Spot Vital Signs 42MTB-E1, Spot Vital Signs lXi 
E Series, M Series, R Series, X Series 

Technical Specifications:

Cable Color White
Category SpO2
Certifications TUV, FDA, CE, ISO 80601-2-61:2011, ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, RoHS Compliant
Connector Distal Male, 9-Pin D-Sub Connector, Triple Keyed
Connector Proximal Neonatal Adhesive
Latex-free Yes
Packaging Type Box
Packaging Unit 20
Patient Size Neonate (<3Kg, 18 inch)
SpO2 Technology Masimo
Sterile No
Total Cable Length 1.5 ft
Warranty 0 months
Weight 1.8lb